What is the No1 problem with your physical Fitness?

Hi, I’m Panos

I stand at the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern science, crafting bespoke fitness solutions that resonate with your body’s primal potential.

My only question is, will I solve yours?

Who Is Panos?

An Electrical Engineer who turned his fitness and nutrition expertise into Fitness Enginnering

Fitness Engineering is not just a marketing trend; it’s a natural approach to physical well-being. It’s the meticulous approach of training that adapts to physical laws, acknowledging that like any sophisticated machinery, your body requires precision, care, and an understanding of its fundamental operations.

I, Panos Bampalis, your Fitness Engineer, am here to decode the science of your body, guiding you through a journey of discovery and transformation.



Unleash Your Body’s Primal Power:

The Solution to Our Physical Challenges
Imagine a world where fitness isn’t just about lifting weights or running on a treadmill. A world where every movement is a step back to our roots, harnessing the power and versatility of the human body as it was designed to function in the wild. This is the world of Primitive Functional Training – a method where the word ‘functional’ is not just a buzzword but a profound return to basics, to movements that are ingrained in our DNA.