About Panos

Panos Bampalis

As a passionate athlete and certified nutritionist and trainer, I am deeply devoted to optimizing human health and athletic performance. If you want to learn the roadmap for optimizing your physical fitness and be fit as our human bodies have been built, then we are in the same “page”.

Let me share some personal information:


I am a doctor of electrical and computer engineering at the National Technical University of Athens, specializing in wireless telecommunications. My commitment to professional development has resulted in further education in the field of security in electronic communications. As a direct outcome of these efforts, I have acquired extensive experience in assessing and addressing modern security threats.

At the same time, and after the age of 35, I started research in the field of fitness and proper nutrition for efficient body training. I have attended numerous seminars and trainings (inside and outside Greece), and I am certified in sports nutrition and coaching by Nutrilab. Gr center.

Sports Action

At the age of 13, I started playing basketball at Sporting B.C. and then at AEK B.C. until the age of 19. I decided to switch things up and try a different sport, so I started training in the long jump and shot put.

From the age of 25, having grown up with the dream of improving my physique, I decided to try bodybuilding techniques. Indeed, for 6-7 years, I tried to forge something similar to the standards, but it turned out to be futile.

By the time I was 32, it was clear that bodybuilding was not mind-and-body training. The quest for physical education had just begun, and the journey promised to be long and challenging. Jeff Cavaliere (Athlean-x) was a big help and an excellent coach in that destination.

Upon careful experimentation with various workout regimes, it was eventually determined that optimal fitness objectives were attainable solely through the utilization of bodyweight training through calisthenics.

How I Became an Author

Initially an underweight, self-conscious young man lacking strength, through dedicated athletic and calisthenics training, and embracing nutrition I transformed my physique and abilities.

Having walked in your shoes, I now eagerly guide others on fulfilling journeys to become stronger, leaner versions of themselves brimming with energy.

As an author and expert fitness advisor, I leverage decades of experience alongside ongoing research to debunk fad diets and uncover what truly moves the needle for athletic performance and well-being.

My first book Primitive Health & Beauty shares hard-won lessons on maintaining vitality.

My Vision

On this site, dubbed “The Fitness Engineer’s Workshop,” I assemble an extensive, ever-evolving knowledge base into actionable fitness regimens, nutritional recommendations, and lifestyle changes tailored to you.

Consider me your personal expert, ready to help assess your needs and craft comprehensive solutions to unlock your potential on the rewarding quest towards fitness.

With an insider’s perspective on the transformative impact of optimizing health, I passionately share proven strategies so you can elevate energy, build your fit body, accelerate recovery and tap into new levels of vitality in all areas of life.

I’m thrilled you’re here – let’s get started!

My partnerships

Nasos Koutsouradis is a certified physical therapist (ATEI ATHINAS), with postgraduate studies in manual therapy (MAITLAND CONCEPT) and specialization in sports physical therapy.

He is constantly trained in new and modern physical therapy methods, thus having a very wide range of rehabilitation techniques such as western acupuncture (dry needling), kinesiotaping, floss band, IASTM tool, clinical Pilates, Tecar expert and therapeutic gymnastics.

Nasos Koutsouradis is a triathlete, marathon runner and mountain runner. He has finished several road and mountain marathons in Greece and abroad, but the race that stands out is the IRONMAN in Copenhagen in which he swam 3.8km, cycled 180km and ran 42.2km continuously, finishing in 12 hours and 40 minutes!